• Crockpot lasagna
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    Crockpot Lasagna

    What is better then lasagna? I would really have to think about that one because I am not sure how to answer that! In our household it is a favorite meal and everybody really loves my crockpot lasagna. The flavor…

  • Homemade lasagna sauce
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    Homemade Lasagna Sauce

    Our family is a big fan of lasagna. Just the mention of it and they are anxious for dinner! But what makes this amazingly good dish even better? You guessed it, homemade lasagna sauce. I get it that sometimes life…

  • chocolate berry smoothie
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    Chocolate Covered Berry Smoothie

    Warmer weather is coming and what better way to keep yourself going on a warm summer day then with a chocolate berry smoothie? I honestly eat smoothies all year round because they are quick, easy and healthy. In spring and…