Welcome to The Kitchen and a Latte

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Hello and welcome to our kitchen! The Kitchen and a Latte is a new blog here but I am not new to blogging. I have been blogging for years now and recently decided to step out and pursue my passion. I love to cook and what better thing to write about then something you are passionate about, right?

How I Started

The first blog I started is a work at home blog (and I do still have it but it isn’t my main blog.) I also have a life/personal blog that shares everything from recipes to parenting tips. That one can be a lot of fun because it is anything goes pretty much.

I recently realized after writing more recipes on my personal blog, that a food blog was what I wanted to start. It was sort of an aha moment in blogging. I had so much fun writing them and seeing the excitement from the family, so I decided to go full time with it and dedicate a blog to the kitchen.

What Should You Expect from The Kitchen and a Latte?

You will enjoy all things kitchen related – especially the food! We have many gadgets here so we will be sharing recipes using various kitchen tools. My favorites are the Instant Pot, Ninja multi cooker and my trusty old cast iron. Love my cast iron pans! Sometimes we will share tips about each gadget or type of pan we use. Cooking is a learning process and trust me, there are many mistakes I have made along the way. I still make them today – we are all human, right?

Soon I will also be setting up a way for readers to submit their own recipes here. I have found a great recipe plugin that allows me to take submissions and I will list them on a recipe page once I have it all set up.

Grab a latte and let’s cook so good food 🙂

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