Cooking is a passion and we love to share our creations with you! The recipes that we create and share are specifically for I have a lot of fun sharing these recipes with you and we ask that you please respect our rules for sharing. A lot of time and money goes into producing, photographing and sharing these for you to enjoy.


We love doing roundups here ourselves and would love being a part of your roundup! If you are a blogger looking to share one of our recipes in a roundup, we are excited that you chose us. You may use a photo of ours with a do follow link back to the recipe for that photo.

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Please note – You may NOT use any images from any of our roundups (including our meal plans) as they may not be ours. We have permission to use any images we use in roundups on our site, but they are not our images and therefore we cannot give you permission to use them.

If you add our recipe to your roundup, please let us know at [email protected] so we can share it on social media! Do not use our ingredients and/or directions in the roundup please.

Social media

We love when people share our food on social media! Please do share so others can enjoy as well. Just a few simple rules we kindly ask you to follow:

Facebook – You may share our recipes on Facebook with a picture and a link directly to the recipe. You can share in groups, on your page or on your personal profile. Please do not include the instructions or ingredients when sharing any of our recipes. Copy and pasting is not sharing and our content is copyright protected. Copying and pasting also violates Facebook terms.

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Instagram – Please do not use our photos on Instagram, but please tag us if you make one of our recipes and use your own photo! I love to see what our readers are making.

Roundups with a link and social sharing as described above is the only time you may use our photos without written permission. Please see our terms and conditions for using our site and content.

Hey there, I’m Dawn!

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Hey there! Welcome to our fun and delicious place on the Internet. I am Dawn – the kitchen mess maker, recipe developer and the one behind the scenes. I share recipes that you can make with mostly simple ingredients. Welcome to our kitchen where life is full of good food and lattes!

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